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Bonerge Lifescience is an innovative manufacturer of botanical products, related solutions and services, it is established by the team that desires exploration and continuous innovation under the belief of “Reverence for Nature and Life”. All the members remain true to the belief of “Reverence for Nature and Life” and deeply understand that plants are the most precious health gift from nature to human beings. Bonerge is determined to become a bridge between the natural plants and human health and try its best to bring the healing energy of natural plants to those in need, hoping to help improve metabolic syndrome and contribute to the healthy lifestyle.

Bonerge's Innovative Ingredients
Branded Ingredients
Branded Ingredients

High purity active ingredients prepared by our Purified Botanical Energy technology, to maximum the healing power of bio-active components from natural plants.

Featured Ingredients
Featured Ingredients

Plants have countless powerful benefits, at Bonerge, we are on top of this cultural shift with superior botanical extract solutions for many different applications.

Hot-selling ingredients
Hot-selling ingredients

Natural sweetener, natural antioxidant, real food that do not contain any artificial ingredients or synthetic chemicals.

Bonerge's BongeLov System
With the development of modern science, scientists identified a number of specific components in plants that are beneficial to humans. BongeLov system is the bridge of science and plant power for wellbeing.
Safety is our priority. BongeLov System set a complete safety guarantee system from raw material to finish products.
Bonerge only supply our customers the highest-quality natural ingredients and formulas, and back them up with documented clinical findings and scientific research. Every product available through Bonerge was manufactured at our certified state-of-the-art facilities, each has been thoroughly lab tested and manufactured subject to rigid quality control guidelines.
Bonerge's R&D
Product safety research is the gold standard for the quality and safety of a product. Scientific research is the guidance for Bonerge.
Products safety and function research
Bonerge only provides premium natural ingredients and formulas to our valued clients. We precisely develop our quality standards to ensure every step of production is not overlooked.
Products Quality Standards Developments
Manufacturing procedure of the target active ingredient. Optimal formats for end products, like tablets, capsules, gummies, and powders. Process development for improving the bioavailability of the product. Making the best use of plants for our environment.
Production Technology Development
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