GlucoSober® Dihydroberberine

GlucoSober® is the brand name for patent Dihydroberberine developed by Bonerge.


★ GlucoSober®, patent biosynthesis technology, high density granular,content more than 98% with Sigma reference standard;

★ Dihydroberberine is A new form of berberine, more powerful and bioavailable than berberine (5 times better) for blood sugar and insulin control;

★ Dihydroberberine is the hottest natural herbal GLP-1 agonist;

★ With large amounts of scientific research showing significant improvements of GLP-1 to insulin sensitivity, fasting glucose levels, HbA1c reduction, nutrient partitioning, and far more.

★ Improves cardiovascular health, weight loss, and cellular longevity by modulating various pathways and receptors.


The basic information

Brand Name GlucoSober
Product Name Dihydroberberine

Powder: Assay 98%, bulk density 0.3g/ml

Granular: Assay 98%, bulk density 0.6g/ml

Sterilization Dry heat. Non-irradiated.
BSE/TSE Not of animal origin.BSE TSE free. 
Allergen Known allergen free. 
Gluten Gluten free. 
Storage Store in a cool dry place,away from direct sunlight

The Quality Control

Quality standards, including physical, chemical, and microbiological tests and criteria are important parts of the safety and efficacy of ingredients. Bonerge is aiming to offer premium-quality Dihydroberberine ingredients with potent healthy values to the world.


1. BongeLov Management System

All of our products are developed and operated under our BongeLov Management System. We are proud to hold and maintain a full set of the world-class manufacturing certifications including cGMP, GMP+, FSSC22000, HACCP, ISO22000, Halal, Kosher etc, our process allows Bonerge to continue to meet the highest standards for purity, traceability and transparency that’s backed by strict controls, monitoring and tracking to provide our customers with products they trust.


2.  Analytical Procedure Life Cycle Management

With professional analytical scientists and advanced equipments, top quality and consistency among batches are the golden promises to our customers from Bonerge.

The identity test, purity test, impurity test and assay test that usually applied in the pharmaceutical industry and guided by USP requirements, is at the center of Bonerge's quality research.


3. Authoritative and credible Reference Standard(RS) for assay analysis 

A trusted RS is like an impartial judge. Reference substances are of great importance for a test method.  Bonerge always source every RS globally, and choose the authoritative and credible Reference Standard for assay analysis .


4.  Top quality botanical source for eco-friendly and cost-efficiently manufacturing

 We are making efforts to manufacture eco-friendly and cost-efficiently to make our healthy ingredients more affordable to consumers. We work with the raw material growers closely to source high quality material that can be traced through every step.  Our facility equipped with two continuous countercurrent extraction lines, and each line is available in capacities of up to hundreds tons/day raw material, enable us to produce at super largre scale and achive the best quality and cost.

The Benefits Research

Dihydroberberine is super Berberine, there are studies advice that the bioavailability of Dihydroberberine is 5 times better than Berberine.


Until now, there are large amounts of scientific research showing that in reduce blood sugar levels; promote lipid conversion; help for loss weight, Dihydroberberine(DHB) has better effect than Berberine(BBR).