Pomegranate Extract

★  Pomegranates is classfied  as a "superfood", it is an excellent, all-inclusive food with a wide range of health benefits;

★  Pomegranate Extract offers an affordable solution for people want all the health benefits of this superfood in a more convenient form, without the high sugar or the exorbitant costs.

★  Punicalagin is the most important component of pomegranates for its properties and benefits.

The Brief Info

Product Name Pomegranate Extract
Specification 20%  Icariins
Description Brown yellow powder with great flowability
Sterilization Method Dry heat. Non-irradiated.
BSE/TSE Not of animal origin.BSE TSE free. 
Allergen Known allergen free. 
Gluten Gluten free. 
Storage Store in a cool dry place,away from direct sunlight

The Detail

1)Pomegranate Extract is rich in antioxidants and can protect cells from oxidative damage caused by natural biochemical processes and daily exposure to environmental toxins. 

2)Pomegranate Extract can also help prevent and repair DNA damage that may lead to cancer, enhance immunity function of human body.

3)Research has found that pomegranate Extract can even be beneficial for prostate and heart health.