PQQ [Pyrroloquinoline quinone]

★ PQQ is a natural compound found in some fruits and vegetables.

★ PQQ is a helpful supplement to support mitochondrial function and brain health and to prevent oxidative stress.

★ PQQ is generally regarded as safe, with few known side effects.

★ Most of the research on PQQ was performed on animals; more research on humans is needed.

The Brief Info

Product Name Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Disodium Salt
Specification Purity not less than 99%
Description Reddish brown powder
Sterilization Method Dry heat. Non-irradiated.
BSE/TSE Not of animal origin.BSE TSE free. 
Allergen Known allergen free. 
Gluten Gluten free. 
Storage Store in a cool dry place,away from direct sunlight

The Detail

1. Improves mitochondrial function

Mitochondrial health is vital for cellular function and is the foundation of a healthy life. Mice studies found that PQQ could help the mitochondria to function at their best, and support the development of new mitochondria.


2. Powerful antioxidant

PQQ supplements may repair oxidative damage and protect from oxidative stress. Some studies suggest that it is more effective than vitamin C at fighting free radicals in the body. 


3. Supports brain health

PQQ is considered a nootropic, supporting brain function and health, especially as you age. Studies suggest that PQQ, at doses between 10–20 mg per day, increases blood flow to the cerebral cortex in human brain cell.