Recap of SSE Exhibition

After two bustling days, the Supply Side East (SSE) exhibition has drawn to a close. We extend our gratitude to all the friends who visited our booth. This marked Bonerge's inaugural participation in SSE, and we truly appreciate everyone's enthusiasm.


Our featured products, StanYouth Fisetin Extract, Urolithin A, and Dihydroberberine, continue their popularities.


Throughout the exhibition, it was evident that the market is seeking new anti-aging health supplements post-NMN. Scientific studies have shown that Fisetin can effectively reduce aging markers through its triple-action approach: clearing senescent cells, anti-inflammatory, and mitigate mitochondrial dysfunction StanYouth, renowned for its high quality and ultrapure, emerged as a popular choice. Urolithin A has remarkable effects in anti-aging and enhancing physical performance by promoting mitochondrial health.


Bonerge has always been committed to providing brands with premium products that are more competitive in the market. Besides Dihydroberberine, which has better bioavailability than Berberine, our BongeLov liposomal products also received great attention. Liposomal Fisetin, Liposomal Urolithin A, and Liposomal Vitamin C, and others offer distinct advantages, enhancing their efficacy and absorption rates.

Bonerge looks forward to meeting you again at the next exhibition.