Navigating the Frontier of Healthy Aging: Insights from the CHL Scientific Conference

The CHL Scientific Conference - Unlock Healthy Longevity: Supplements - was a profoundly meaningful experience for Bonerge Lifescience. This conference forum delves into the potential interventions of nutraceuticals in promoting healthy longevity. Hosted by the NUS Centre for Healthy Longevity, a distinguished entity devoted to extending healthy life by delaying aging, prolonging disease-free life, and maintaining high functionality.


Distinguished scientists such as Dr. Andrea Maier, Dr. Brian Kennedy, Dr. David Sinclair, Dr. Guido Kroemer, and Dr. Laura Niedernhofer shared their insights into the science behind longevity supplements. Following the lead of these bright minds in the field, Bonerge explores and envisions the future of anti-aging with scholars, brands, and consumers in the events. Well-known researchers shared their insights and cutting-edge studies in the longevity field during the conference.