Berberine HCl 97% Power & Granular

★ Berberine is one of the best known and most effective natural Glucose Disposal Agents. 

★ With large amounts of scientific research showing significant improvements of Berberine to insulin sensitivity, fasting glucose levels, HbA1c reduction, nutrient partitioning, and far more.

★ Recent study suggested Berberine may have some potential weight loss effect.

The Brief Info

Product Name Berberine Hydrochloride

Powder: Assay NLT 97% by HPLC

Granular: Assay NLT 92% by HPLC

Botanical source Berberis Aristata, Family Berberidaceaetract
Plant part used Bark
Sterilization Dry heat. Non-irradiated.
BSE/TSE Not of animal origin.BSE TSE free. 
Allergen Known allergen free. 
Gluten Gluten free. 
Storage Store in a cool dry place,away from direct sunlight

The Detail

Berberine is a Powerful Plant Compound for Improving Metabolism and Lowering Blood Sugar

1. The most popular suggested benefit linked to berberine is in conjuction with lowering blood sugar. Berberine could help lower glucose levels and regulate lipid metabolism.

2. Berberine may also help to lower total cholesterol levels and promote glycemic control.

3. Early research indicates that berberine may help reduce body fat. In one small clinical trial that looked at treating nonalcoholic fatty liver condition , participants who took berberine every day for three months experienced significant weight loss.



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